Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Our portfolio of speaking engagements and interactive workshops feature a range of subjects customized specifically for clients. Several of these topics have been presented at national catering & special event conferences, created for association webinars and developed for the classroom at world-renowned universities and educational institutions.

Jennifer Perna’s communication style has been defined as “relatable and fun” as she presents her broad knowledge base on increasing sales and motivating your team through effective leadership and management best practices.

This list evolves frequently as dynamics in the industry change and will continue to grow as clients request and inspire us to develop new content.

We offer the following speaking engagements and workshops:

  • Sales Management, Leadership
    and Best Practices
  • Catering and Event Planning
  • Interactive and Collaborative Workshops

Sales Management, Leadership and Best Practices

Growing a strong, motivated sales team is a result of investing in the development of effective and dedicated sales leadership through structured and organized management best practices. Fulton Market Consulting's class content below includes plans, models, charts, tips and techniques toward improving these processes toward future sales and business development growth.

Past speaking engagements:

Manage Your Sales Team to Peak Performance
Catersource, New Orleans, March 2017

Sales Team Compensation and Structure- We All Want to Talk About It!
International Catering Association Webinar Series, October 2015

Sales Team Management Best Practices
Catersource, Las Vegas, March 2015

Happy Sales People = Healthy and Happy Sales Numbers
International Catering Association Webinar Series, October 2013
Redeveloped July 2017

Catering and Event Planning Sessions

Every single event is a new experience. 25 years in the business equals well over 10,000 events creating a voluminous event history portfolio of corporate functions, tastings, weddings, boxed lunches, sales calls, galas, venue openings, home events, etc. We have seen it all. Fulton Market Consulting will share tangible and relatable client management ideas, team relationship advice and basic catering information from an expert that has seen "it" and done "that" for the past 25 years.

Past speaking engagements:

The Evolution of Catering for Caterers
sodexo Catering Sales Team at Northwestern University, July 2017
Cornell School of Hotel Administration, Special Events Class, October 2016

Event Planning from a Caterer’s Perspective
DePaul University College of Business, September 2016

Beyond the Walls of Your Restaurant: Taking your Restaurant and Menu Off Premise
The National Restaurant Association Annual Conference, May 2014

All The World’s A Table….Staging Your Tastings for the Perfect Performance
Catersource, Las Vegas, March 2014

I Can’t Believe You Sold That!
Bridging the Gap Between the Culinary and Sales Teams
The Art of Catering Food, Denver, August 2012

Catering 101 for Corporate Event Planners
(from a caterer’s perspective)
Developed July 2017

Catering 101 for Vendor Partners
(from a caterer’s perspective)
Developed July 2017

Interactive and Collaborative Workshops

Sometimes clients just want to pick our brain. They want a moderator to help develop a program with the sales team, a client, a group of vendors or with the chefs to think differently, create and brainstorm. Fulton Market Consulting's options below include interactive and collaborative workshops set in a free flow format that allows us to develop the content together.


Workshop ideas and topics:

Free Flow Catering, Sales and Management Q&A
Catersource, New Orleans, March 2017

Lunch/Interactive Tasting/Menu or Product Roll Out/Trade Show
Developed July 2017

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