Inspiration is easy ...

It was so easy developing my company name Fulton Market Consulting. I have lived on "Fulton Market Street" for nearly 20 years in Chicago. So when it came time to think about naming my company, it truly was a no-brainer. My daily life is set within a hospitality wonderland in Chicago’s hottest neighborhood. To actually work, breathe and exist in this environment inspires me when I step out on my porch each morning … and how fortunate am I that I can share this inspiration when it comes to encouraging growth and change as a consultant in the hospitality industry.

Every day I smell freshly baked breads coming out of the ovens across the street, homemade chocolate and cocoa being manufactured a block away and strong coffee roasted and brewed around the corner.  I am watching one hundred-year-old brick buildings being converted into restaurants, bakeries, hotels and boutiques by creative designers, artisans, chefs, architects and builders.  All of this is happening while the "el" zips by and this magnificent skyline continues to grow with gorgeous new buildings and the Chicago River flows just a short block away.

So ... as you can see, I love my street, I love my neighborhood and I love my city.  Here’s hoping I can share this growth and inspiration that surrounds me when I come to visit you.