New business

Construction Crane Crazy

Sales consultants, it is Springtime. Daffodils are blooming. The sunset is an hour later. We are in a better mindset after the chill of winter. What does weather have to do with sales? This is the opportune time to step away from your desk. Get out of the office. Be proactive in looking for new business. Why? Because it is good for your soul and you will feel fabulous and productive after you do it. What is it? I call it “Old School Selling”.

I define Old School Selling as looking for business opportunities in a more traditional way. Reading newspapers and business publications to see what’s developing in your area. Finding out which new businesses are moving to your community. Taking urban walks or getting a sales buddy in your car for a drive (they need to take the notes while you drive!). Start looking at office buildings in a new light. Identify new naming rights and where construction cranes are parked.

Construction Cranes = Open House Receptions.

Remember we are sales consultants, not account management consultants. This is the time to get out there and find new business. When you step away from your routine, you will find yourself invigorated and excited about getting the win. When you feel good, it shows. Potential clients want to work with a happy person. Sales consultants, it’s time to put a little spring back in your step.

Eat. Drink. Inspire.

It is a great day in Chicago. It’s the beginning of May. The Cubs and White Sox are playing. I am out for a walk in my Fulton Market neighborhood.

I should have worn a hard hat today. There is so much construction going on. I counted eight cranes in the three mile circuit. That means endless amounts of new businesses coming in. I also walked by a brand new hotel, three new restaurants, two new coffee shops and a new ice cream shop open for business.


I also had to fight the crowds for space on the sidewalks. Everyone is outside today. We have all been cooped up too long. Some guys are already wearing shorts. Everyone looks really, really happy.

This is what most of us wait for, that perfect day to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air. My last stop on my stroll was to pick up copy of the Chicago Tribune. I can’t wait to crack open the Business section and see if any other companies can use my consulting services. I’ll contact all of them after I introduce Fulton Market Consulting to all the new hospitality companies in my own backyard. Spring is really here.